Social Development and High Technology Industries

  • Autoren/Herausgeber:
    Ahmet Cakir Patricia Ordonez de Pablos
    Verlag, Ort, Jahr:
    IGI Global, Hershey, 2011
    ISBN-13 978-1-61350-192-4 / 9781613501924
    ISBN-10 1-61350-192-7 / 1613501927
    industrial research
  • Inhalt:
    High technology, the fastest growing and the most active field which produces a significant impact on human society deserves a high degree of study and attention, and also scientific cognition. With this book book, we highlight the relationship between contemporary high technology and social development, the development and application of high technology, the competition of high technology and coping strategies, and last but not least, the economic development relying on high technology industrial growth.


    Objective of the Book


    The intention of the editors of this book is to provide an international platform that brings together academics, researchers, lecturers, and persons in decision making positions, policy makers and practitioners from different backgrounds to share new theories, research findings and
    case studies, by enhancing understanding and collaboration in issues of social development and information technologies in recent developments in theory and practice.


    The high technology refers to current rapidly developing technologies, including electronic technology, new material technology, new energy technology, bioengineering technology and communication technology. With the development and needs of scientific technologies and production practices, the emerging industries have achieved spectacular results in various fields, forming the features of high technology, in general terms, the prominent characteristics of high technology industries are high density on knowledge, information, technology and funds; special emphasis on knowledge, talent, and R&D foundation; breakthrough and creativity; and (?) important impacts on the economy and society.


    This book serves to address the growing need of our society to adopt emerging technologies into all aspects of business and economic activity, moving towards innovative solutions to research problems, and thus resulting in high performance systems. The key characteristic of this book is that it brings together the experts of the IT industry, both practitioners and researchers alike, in a high tech research arena, with academia promoting a sound contribution to IT literacy, as demanded by real users.


    The book follows a clear strategy to achieve the following goals:

    • To be the reference edition for all those interested on the strategic role of IT and Management towards sustainable development (with main emphasis to be paid on practical aspects).
    • To be the reference edition for all those (policy makers, government officers, academics and practitioners) interested in understanding Social Development and High Technology Industries.
    • To become a reference edition for people thirsty for knowledge on social development and information technologies.


    Target Audience

    The audience for this book includes:
    • Politicians
    • Professors in academia
    • Policy Makers
    • Government officers
    • Students
    • Corporate heads of firms
    • Senior general managers
    • Managing directors
    • Board directors
    • Academics and researchers in the field both in universities and business schools
    • Information technology directors and managers
    • Quality managers and directors
    • Human resource directors
    • Libraries and information centres serving the needs of the above


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